Student Praised for Determination to Go to School Even If She Could Barely See the Lessons

Born with an eye defect that greatly affected her eyesight, Mae Sasutil recently earned praise for showing determination to go to school despite the fact that she could barely see the lessons on her books, and especially the ones written on the board!

Now 18 years old, Mae is still in Grade 7. But though she is behind kids her age who are supposed to be in senior high or first year college, reaching Grade 7 is actually an impressive feat for this young woman who could barely see her lessons. She has a difficult time reading and writing because she could only see something that is very close to her eyes.

In a photo that has gone viral on Facebook, Mae could be seen with her face just an inch away from a book. The class was doing a seatwork.

While it was difficult for her to see the writings on the book, Mae did not complain or ask her teacher to read the lesson for her. Instead, she does her best to work on her own. Slowly but surely, Mae reads her lessons and answers her seatwork or assignments.

Photo credit: Rhea Depositario Manglicmot / Facebook

Taking pity on Mae but also admiring the young student’s determination, teacher Rhea Depositario Manglicmot shared her photo on her Facebook account. The photo went viral, with many people offering to help this admirable young student find a way to see clearly.

As the photo was reposted by ABS-CBN News, several netizens offered to send donations for Mae. Many others knew that she would need rather expensive glasses to correct her eyesight problem; thus, they offered to help to buy new glasses or chip in to help her get one.

Ako na po mag shoulder ng salamin ng bata… indi naman po ako nakaka angat s buhay pero naawa po ako s kanya… pm me po…” a certain Jun Marquez wrote.

Some professionals also offered their services to give this young girl a better life. According to the post by ABS-CBN News, the Department of Education (DepEd) and the local government had already sent help for Mae.

Sana ma tingnan siya ng opthalmologist ako bilang isang optometrist I can give her eyeglass free of charge ipaalam lang sa akin ang prescription address at para maipadala ko sa kanya ang salamin,” netizen Serina Orillanida commented.

Many netizens are hoping that Mae could soon get those corrective glasses so she could have an easier time in school.

Kudos to you, Mae! Don’t lose hope…

Source: ABS-CBN News