Airport Cleaner Becomes Pilot After 20 Years, Celebrates Being Captain of Airplanes He Used to Watch

Knowing that education is the key to success, particularly in problem-hit Nigeria, one guy was determined to finish his college education. But he missed the enrollment period and decided to find a job; yet the missed opportunity in school opened more doors for him than he could have ever imagined!

Over 20 years ago, Mohammed Abubakar graduated from high school at his hometown in Nigeria. Because his family wasn’t rich, he had to wait until they had enough cash for him to enroll at Kaduna Polytechnic, the capital of his hometown’s state.

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By the time his parents gathered enough money, however, enrollment had already been closed for the semester. Knowing he shouldn’t waste time pitying himself, Abubakar decided to find a job while he waited for the next semester to open.

Not only will this give him something to do while waiting, the job will obviously give him money to help provide for his needs in school when he finally gets to enroll.

Abubakar found a job as airport cleaner with Air Azman. Soon, he began to dream of becoming a pilot as he watches these smart-looking guys at the airport.

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He did his best in his job and his superiors would soon praise him for his excellent performance. They quickly discovered that he’s a brilliant young man whose intelligence could take him to higher levels at the airport. So, he was offered the opportunity to become part of the cabin crew on Air Azman.

He would later move to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant. Proving his brilliance, Abubakar offered valuable input which helped the company when they began offering scheduled services. Happy over his input and cooperation, the Deputy Managing Director gave him a huge salary.

This surprised the young man who hadn’t dreamed of receiving such a huge amount when he started working as airport cleaner. Believing this was the best opportunity for him to live his dreams, he did not spend the money immediately. Instead, he sought advice from the Deputy Managing Director who encouraged him to become a pilot.

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He followed the advice and reached for his dreams. Years later, he became a full-fledged pilot!

From airport cleaner, Abubakar is now a Captain for Aero Contractors! He is living proof that everyone can reach for their dreams, even if it is as high as the skies, literally!

Source: Truth Theory