Student Eats Ice from Supermarket Freezer for TikTok Video Challenge

A group of students received flak from social media after posting a video of one eating ice from the supermarket freezer, apparently for a TikTok video challenge.

The “licking ice cream” challenge went viral last year after young people licked ice cream before replacing the cover and returning the container inside the store freezer. But the recent video shows a student eating the ice, not ice cream, from the freezer at a supermarket in Malaysia.

Photo credit: Twitter / @hannabunnyb

In the video, a young woman who was identified to a student at Sultan Idris Education University in Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia, could be seen scooping some ice from the sides of the freezer inside the supermarket. The short clip shows the young girl actually eating the ice despite the fact that it came from the freezer that’s probably touched by hundreds of people each day!

This man is just looking at them but what do they care? Oh my god, my friends are so weird,” the TikToker who uploaded the video commented.

Photo credit: Twitter / @hannabunnyb

While the TikToker was simply amused by the friend’s antics, netizens were angry that they are doing this because the ice from that freezer is definitely not fit for human consumption. Considering the still on-going COVID-19 crisis, a lot of netizens were surprised that these young people think it is alright to eat ice from that public freezer.

Omg Tesco also sells brains if you need it,” one netizen commented drily.

After drawing flak over the video, the TikToker defended her friend in a separate post. She wrote, “Obviously, [my friend] knows where to take the ice where it’s cleaner to eat. Of course, we won’t take the bits that are dirty and unhygienic to eat!

Photo credit: Twitter / @hannabunnyb

But people pointed out that microbes can’t be seen. Thus, clear and clean-looking ice could still harbor a lot of microbes! Ewwww.

Here’s the video as shared by netizen @hannabunnyb who captioned it, “EATING THE FREEZER’S ICE?!!! IN THIS COVID ERA?!!”

Photo credit: Twitter / @hannabunnyb