Student Earns by Creating Artwork from Trash, Impresses Netizens with Creations

When it comes to earning money, you can actually make use of your talents and skills. One student did that – and he is now earning from his talent, making creative artwork from trash.

Sebastian Cacho is still a student; yet he is already earning money, thanks to the artwork he makes from trash. Using discarded cardboard boxes and other materials, he is able to make various 3D art, including cardboard robots, cars, creepy critters, motorcycles, and even action figures.

Photos by Sebastian Cacho / Facebook

This young man discovered his knack for creating intricate models back when he was still 13 years old. He was fond of using cardboard boxes to create robots. With time, he was able to hone his skills and improve his work.

In as little as 4 hours, Sebastian could complete a robot from scratch. The intricate details on his art made a lot of netizens impressed. This young man even incorporates details from the boxes in his art, making unique art that certainly wowed a lot of people.

Photos by Sebastian Cacho / Facebook

Instead of playing with gadgets, he makes these art during his free time.

Maganda po itong libangan ng mga teenager tulad ko dahil imbes na magco-computer ka lang, sasayangin mo oras mo, ito na lang po magandang libangan,” he said.

Photos by Sebastian Cacho / Facebook

But aside from enjoying this as a hobby, Sebastian was able to earn from his art! A lot of people have already purchased from the student – and he is certainly going to have more clients as his art went viral. Featured on TV, this young man shared his hobby and how he was able to turn trash into treasure.

Photos by Sebastian Cacho / Facebook

Though he is already earning money from his art, Sebastian continues to focus on his studies and simply makes the artwork during his free time.

Sources: Sebastian Cacho / Facebook, Bahay OFW