Student Earns Admiration for Not Being Embarrassed to Carry Sack of Grass from School

A young student who carried a sack of grass from school for two consecutive days earned the admiration of his teachers and the internet. Many admired that he did not feel embarrassed to do this. He did not think about what others might say about him, because bringing food for their cows is more important to him.

Identified as Arkim Camello, a Grade 7 student at Usmaad National High School in Argao town, southern Cebu, the kid was spotted by a teacher as he carried the sack from school. Teacher Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo was puzzled but let this pass at first.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

On the second day, she saw the student bringing the sack again. Together with the boy’s class adviser, Rosemarie Sartagoda Diotay, she asked him what he was up to.

The teachers were surprised that the sack contained grass that the boy said he would feed their cow. Arkim told his teachers that he and his classmates had pulled the grass from the garden for their TLE Agriculture (exploratory) class.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

Since the grass would just be thrown away, Arkim asked his teacher whether he could put it in a sack to bring home for their cows. The teacher allowed the boy to do this; thus, the subsequent photos that later went viral on Facebook.

Impressed by this kid’s determination to help his family and to ensure that their cows have food, the teacher posted his story on her Facebook account.

Photo credit: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook

“If you are a student who continue to take for granted your opportunity to be in school despite the comfort and easy access you have, look at this student. If you are a teacher who doesn’t know your purpose yet, check this student.

Look at this young boy who showed so much value for education yet, took responsibility in helping his family.”

The teacher praised the young lad for his actions and predicted that he would have a bright future.

Source: Je-Ann Gevana Je-je Montejo / Facebook