PWD Student Conquers Disability, Graduates in College with Flying Colors

Graduation is, without a doubt, the most rewarding day in a student’s life.

The diploma is not only a piece of paper; as it represents the fruits of their hard work for years. Well, let’s take a look at the inspirational journey of this student with disability who defied the odds.

Joshua Bustillos Pineda is among the thousands of college students who graduated this year. However, his story is one of a kind.

Even though he has a visual impairment, he proved that he can overcome the obstacles in his journey.

Image via Facebook / Joshua Pineda

Unlike most of his classmates, Joshua was anxious and lonesome when he first started studying in Subic Bay Colleges Inc.

The anxiety stemmed from his visual impairment, which he felt set him apart from the rest. Ever since he developed glauc0ma in 2012, he always had trouble with his vision.

Although he wasn’t off to a good start, Joshua managed to build his motivation eventually. His newfound confidence helped him to see his surrounding in a different light:

“Pero nung nagstart ako labanan ang fear ko at ilang ko sa tao, dun ko narealize na kaya ko palang gawin ang mga bagay na inakala ko di ko kaya, I can go beyond pala sa disability ko if I have only faith to God and to myself.”

Image via Facebook / Joshua Pineda

Later on, Joshua became more active in school activities. He started joining pageants and contest which further helped in building up his confidence.

In his mind, he doesn’t have his eyes on the prize; instead, he only wanted to inspire other people with disabilities like him.

Furthermore, Joshua also defied expectations by joining a 400-meter dash running contest!

He also enriched his knowledge by taking part in many trainings and seminars. Over the years, Joshua managed to take home several awards and certifications.

Click the image to read his full post on Facebook / Joshua Pineda

In the end, Joshua finished college with his head held high. So amazing display of faith and confidence.

In his inspirational post on Facebook, he addressed his fellow PWDs and left them a few words of wisdom:

“Kaya sa mga kapwa ko PWD at kapwa ko tao na may struggles din, huwag po kayo sumuko keep reaching your dreams and always motivate yourself na “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

SOURCE: Facebook