Street Kid Goes Viral for Cute Moments with a Customer’s Dog Outside Coffee Shop

A street kid has gone viral for the cute moments he shared with a customer’s dog outside the coffee shop. The customer was so happy that the kid even got a drink for free!

The sweet story was shared by the owner of Mazikeen the Chow, also known simply as Mazey or Maze. According to the post shared on the chow’s Facebook page, they were at the CBTL outlet in Vista Mall Taguig but Mazey was not allowed to get inside. It appears that the store had a policy against bringing in pets.

Photo credit: Mazikeen the Chow / Facebook

Mazey had to stay outside. That’s a bit sad, of course – not to mention the possibility that someone might get Mazey while her owner isn’t looking.

It was quite lucky for them when a boy approached, offering to take care of the dog while her owner is buying the order. Mazey’s human mom assured the kid that the dog is a good one and won’t bite, but the kid said he isn’t afraid at all.

Photo credit: Mazikeen the Chow / Facebook

While waiting for the order, Mazey’s human mom was amused to see that two bonding outside the coffee shop. True to his word, the boy was not afraid of Mazey. He could be seen sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding Mazey’s paw and making faces at the dog to entertain her while her owner is away.

Photo credit: Mazikeen the Chow / Facebook

Touched by what she saw and also as a way to thank him for not just taking care of the dog but also entertaining her, Mazey’s owner bought drinks for the kid. His sweet smile says it all! Isn’t this wonderful?

I need to buy a drink @ cbtl but dogs are not allowed so Mazey should wait for me outside. Luckily this little boy was…

Posted by Mazikeen the Chow on Friday, July 17, 2020