Street Kid Earns Praise after Helping Feed a Blind Man He Didn’t Even Know

A lot of people have negative options about those who live in the streets, believing that it is best to stay away from street kids as they are only after your money!

But one street kid proved that wrong as he was recently photographed helping a blind man eat – and he didn’t even know the guy!

Netizen Carel Shari Cabulao shared the heartwarming photo of the street kid feeding the blind man. At first, you might think that this was just an ordinary photo of a street kid feeding his blind dad; however, the big difference here is that the two don’t actually know each other!

According to Cabulao, the blind man was eating by himself outside a carinderia when the street kid noticed that he was struggling with his food. Obviously, the blind man was having a hard time eating as he could not really see his food.

Photo credit: Carel Shari Cabulao / Facebook

Even if he does not know the blind man, the street kid apparently ran towards him to help. Touched by the selfless act, Cabulao snapped the photo and shared it on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

A lot of netizens admired this kid for showing kindness to a stranger who could not even see his face or even recognize him if their paths crossed again in the future! For this, many netizens were impressed because his actions clearly showed that this is an act of compassion – and the kid expected nothing in return!

Some netizens commented that they hoped Cabulao gave the kid some food after she took the photo. Others also hoped the kid would be identified so that someone could send him some food and gifts as reward for the kindness he extended to this blind man… What an admirable kid!

Source: Carel Shari Cabulao / Facebook