Stray Dog Dying in the Streets was Barely More Than a Skeleton… But He Looks Amazing Now After Two Women Rescued Him

There are many starving dogs in the streets; stray dogs who don’t have owners or were thrown away by their previous owners. Many of these dogs rely on the kindness of strangers who might give them food at times; though most of them live the rest of their lives looking for food in trash bins.

One of these dogs who lived in the streets of Iquitos, Peru, had lived the difficult life of a street dog for so long that his fur is almost non-existent and his body was so thing that he looked barely more than a skeleton.

Photo credit: Little Things / Dog Rescue Pawpulous
Photo credit: Little Things / Dog Rescue Pawpulous

He had severe mange in his body and could barely walk. He was definitely destined to die anytime soon – but he was given a second chance at life when he was rescued by two women who took pity on his condition.