Strange Video of Meat Crawling Off Plate, Dropping Down to Floor Goes Viral

Food is an essential substance that all living things need to live. But it is always important to make sure that we eat the right kind of foods and that these are safe enough to consume!

A video recently went viral of a piece of meat crawling off a plate and dropping down to the floor! Yuck. Do you think what they are saying about the zombie apocalypse is true? LOL.

Photo credit: Rie Phillips / Facebook

Netizen Rie Phillips posted a video of a strange piece of meat that suddenly became alive and seemingly moved to ‘escape’ from becoming someone’s meal. The strange video shows the meat looking like it’s some creature as it moved up and crawled towards the nearest escape route!

Photo credit: Rie Phillips / Facebook

While some netizens later argued that the video was fake and that someone was likely pulling a string to make the meat move, it was clear in the video that it actually crawled! Several parts of the meat moved – and it did not appear to be pulled just from one direction.

As the meat moved, a woman could be heard screaming. We don’t blame the woman; everyone is likely to freak out after seeing their food move and run away! Do you agree?

Photo credit: Rie Phillips / Facebook

But many are trying to figure out what made the meat move. It was definitely not gravity.

Dr. Amit Morey, an assistant professor of poultry sciences at Auburn University, had an explanation for the zombie piece of meat. Morey believes that the meat might be frog leg which easily reacts to salt. Despite being removed from the body, frog muscles could still move around and contract. When salt was placed on the meat, the muscles reacted, leading the piece to move.

Photo credit: Rie Phillips / Facebook

It just so happened that it moved towards the edge of the table and appeared to ‘escape’, but that’s just pure coincidence.

But other netizens believe this really is some strange piece of meat! Many said that they refused to eat that meat even after it was cooked, had they been there to witness the thing move…

Watch the video here:

Whatttt Thaaaa Fuckkkkk 🤮… This was not recorded by me… all I did was repost the video TheShade Room

Posted by Rie Phillips on Tuesday, July 9, 2019