Stop, Look and Listen: Instead of Issuing a Ticket, Police Colonel Gives a Sermon

A motorcycle rider’s safety one of the things that traffic rules emphasize on. Countless cases of riders caught either not wearing a helmet or proper safety gear happen all the time and some riders do not trust enforcers or the police easily, thinking that they’ll always be issued an unnecessary ticket. One police colonel is taking the step in changing that.

Colonel Bonifacio Bosita shared a video in Facebook of an encounter that he had on May 4, 2019. He spoke to a motorcycle rider who had two female passengers, and the rider was the only person that was wearing a helmet.

Colonel Bosita spoke to the rider and he asked if he is aware of why he was stopped. He then asked if they are aware of their possible violations, which were overloading and riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The rider was also made aware of the penalties that he’ll need to pay. It was also mentioned that the rider and the passenger are not relatives but they all work in the same company.

After the rider answered all of his questions, Colonel Bosita gave him two choices: he can be apprehended due to the violations, or he can have his passengers get off and have them take a public transport. The rider chose the latter.

Colonel Bosita kept his word, but before he let them go, he continued to talk to the rider and his passengers regarding road safety. He knows that the rider will drive safely, but everyone knows that a reckless driver can suddenly appear and they may get hit by it. He then asked the female passengers if they have any family of their own and when one of them said she has a baby, the colonel had them think of the baby if in case something does happen.

Colonel Bosita waited for the passengers to get off the motorcycle and then he shook hands with all of them before they went on their way, but the colonel gave a warning that if he sees the rider do the same thing again, there won’t be a next time.

Colonel Bosita is the founder of Riders Safety Advocates of the Philippines, or RSAP. Their mission is to ensure the safety of all motorcycle riders in the Philippines.

Image Credit: Facebook/Riders Safety Advocates of the Philippines RSAP

You can watch the colonel’s video here:

4 May 2019, SaturdayHINDI lamang multa ang ating ipinapaalala sa mga kapatid nating motorista, ipinapaalala rin natin sa kanila na maari silang madisgrasya kahit na sila ay nagiingat sa pagmamaneho.Tunay na mabubuti tayong mga Pilipino, SINITA ko sila at PINABABA ang dalawang angkas pero "mga nakangiti pa rin sila."SALUDO ang RSAP sa inyo at sa mga katulad ninyo na bukas ang isip para unawain ang mabuti para sa inyo. BONIFACIO LAQUI BOSITAPolice Lieutenant ColonelFounder, RSAP/Rider

Posted by Bonifacio Bosita on Friday, May 3, 2019