Speeding Car with Kids Riding on Top Breaks More Traffic Rules as It Sped Through Red Lights

Would you let your kids ride on top of the car? That question is a no-brainer, of course, but a video recently surfaced of a speeding car that had two kids riding on top – and the car even sped through red lights!

In the video shared by netizen Chitran Tamil Chelvan, two boys could be clearly seen riding on top of a sedan as it moved on a highway at Scientex, Pasir Gudang in Johor, Malaysia. Chitran had been following the vehicle and was shocked as he saw the two kids casually riding the vehicle as if it was a theme park ride or a parked car.

Photo credit: Chitran Tamil Chelvan / Facebook

But Chitran got angry as he followed the vehicle and it sped on the highway, even running through some red lights!

Photo credit: Chitran Tamil Chelvan / Facebook

The act of letting the kids ride on top of the sedan was already a red flag but running through the red lights was not just irresponsible but also quite dangerous as many highway accidents happened after someone sped through a red light.

Photo credit: Chitran Tamil Chelvan / Facebook

As Chitran followed the vehicle, he caught up with it at another intersection. This time, the kids weren’t leaning on the roof in prone position. Instead, they were casually riding on the boot with their legs hanging down the trunk. One was drinking from a bottle of water while the other appears to chat with him.

Photo credit: Chitran Tamil Chelvan / Facebook

The incident angered Chitran who said that the irresponsible parent/s not only put the kids’ lives in danger but could have also affected other motorists who might hit the kids in an accident…

Watch the video here:

Posted by Chitran Tamil Chelvan on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sources: World of Buzz, Chitran Tamil Chelvan / Facebook