Son of Poor Single Mom Inspires after Graduating Magna Cum Laude

They experienced a lot of hardships as a family but the son of a poor single mom has inspired a lot of people after he graduated as magna cum laude.

Justin Jay Malarasta is the youngest of six siblings. He was still very young when his parents separated because his dad fell in love with another woman and left his family to start a new one with that girl. This led to a very difficult childhood for the siblings who only had their mother to turn to, yet the single mom could barely make ends meet.

Yet their mother also valued their education. Though she can’t afford to send everyone to college at the same time, she tried her best to encourage them to study.

She also had to ask them to quit and wait until one sibling is finished before enrolling in college. But this worked for the family because the older ones who graduated first helped support the younger ones in their studies.

Photo credit: Michael Babiera Malarasta / Facebook

So, as Justin graduated magna cum laude and batch Valedictorian at Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) – Cavite Campus, he honored his mother and elder siblings in his speech.

One of the reasons is that my mother is a single parent with no permanent job and she is incapable of supporting me financially to continue my studies. She is the one who supported my studies during elementary and high school by selling vegetables and other goods in our neighborhood to sustain a living.

My parents separated and my father left us during my childhood days and live with his second family. Concubinage ika nga sabi sa Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code during our discussion in Criminal Law Book 2. But despite [of] what he [had] done, I do not have any ill-feelings towards him. I still love him because at the end of the day he is still my father. I just accepted the reality, moved on and continued the life that I have.

From that situation I made a promise to myself that I will never do the same thing that my father have done because I knew the feeling of how it is to be part of a broken family not just broken but financially broken family.”

Photo credit: Michael Babiera Malarasta / Facebook

The young man recalled that when he graduated from high school, he did not take the college entrance exams from any school because his mother told him to give way for his elder brother. At the time, his Kuya Wendell was set to graduate from BS Criminology. Before that, he had also quit school for 3 years, choosing to work because another sibling was also in college. Quite amazingly, Wendell had also graduated as magna cum laude and Valedictorian of Batch 2016.

According to Justin, their elder brother Michael Babiera Malarasta was sent to college by their aunt, Judith Malarasta-Wright. When Michael found a job as nurse in Singapore, he sent most of his money back home to support his siblings.

But that wasn’t enough for their needs. So, Justin also found odd jobs to help earn money. His experience with these jobs made him value his studies even more, knowing how hard it is to earn money.

Photo credit: Michael Babiera Malarasta / Facebook

Every vacation nagsa summer job kami ng mga classmates ko, naexperienced na naming maging real state agent, stockman and production operator from different companies in Maguyam.

From that, it made me realize na napakahirap palang maghanap at mag apply ng trabaho at dun ko rin narealized na di sa lahat ng pagkakataon kailangan yung mataas ang grades. Mas nangingibabaw pa rin dapat yung diskarte at kalakasan ng kalooban…

Pag nasa stage ka na ng pagtatrabaho marerealize mo na ‘mas masarap pala ang mag aral’, ‘Ang hirap pala kumita ng pera’, ‘Dapat pala wag kong sayangin yung pagsuporta sakin ng mga magulang o guardian ko’. And through that realization it motivated me to give my best in my studies in college.

Photo credit: Michael Babiera Malarasta / Facebook

The young man inspired everyone after he graduated as magna cum laude. He would also pass the November 2019 Criminology board exam. Congratulations!