Son of Parking Attendants Inspires as He Studies While Waiting for Parents

The son of a parking boy inspires as he studies using his printed learning modules while waiting for his parents who are both working as parking attendants.

With schools starting on October 5, 2020 at public schools in the Philippines, most of the students remain at home because the Department of Education (DepEd) is implementing online or blended learning, not face-to-face education in physical classrooms.

But not all children get to stay at home and study the entire day. Others have to be with their parents at their workplace because no one can take care of them at home while their parents are out working to earn money for the family.

There are even kids who are out the whole day because they are also earning money for their family or to support themselves in school!

Photo credit: Jefferyl Kae Pandac / Facebook

In a post that warmed netizens’ hearts, Jefferyl Kae Pandac shared photos of a young boy who looked quite intent as he studied the printed learning modules that his parents got from his school. The boy inspired Jefferyl because he clearly values his education and focuses on his lessons while he awaits both his parents who are still working.

This boy inspired me today. As classes start, he is working hard to answer his modules under the shade of the acacia tree. The guard told me that he is the son of the two parking attendants near the building where I work at. You see, this boy really values education. I hope you become successful someday,” Jefferyl wrote on Facebook.

Padayon lang sa pagkat-on! (Just continue learning!)”

Many netizens cheered for the kid as they expressed admiration over his determination to study. We pray for your success, kid!