Social Climber Tries to Scam Seller with Fake Deposit Receipts for iPhone 11 Pro

It is a reality that iPhones and other Apple products are too expensive for most people to buy. However, there are people who would try to do anything and everything they can to get their hands on these expensive stuff just to look rich.

Photo credit: AdaCelespeed Thaiparts / Facebook

One social climber recently went viral after trying to scam a seller with fake deposit receipts to buy an iPhone 11 Pro.

A brand-new iPhone 11 Pro sells for around Php70,000 but you can get it for a cheaper price from second-hand shops and online sellers or simply those who wish to sell their phones to get a different model.

Photo credit: AdaCelespeed Thaiparts / Facebook

A netizen with Facebook name AdaCelespeed Thaiparts recently shared an experience with a scammer who tried to dupe her with fake deposit receipts. It was a good thing that she and the Lalamove rider were alert. The scammer was unable to trick them.

Using the name Pauline Michelle Ortega, this scammer tried to buy the seller’s iPhone 11 Pro. She even tried to haggle for a much lower price, though the seller did not give her the phone for such a lowball offer.

Photo credit: AdaCelespeed Thaiparts / Facebook

When they agreed on the final price, this scammer told the seller that she’s buying the phone via COD (cash on delivery) but will simply transfer the amount once she receives the item. It was fair enough, of course, as this is an expensive item after all.

But the scammer came prepared with fake deposit receipts, claiming that she already sent the money to the seller’s account. When the seller still was not able to receive the money, the scammer asked for her number. Minutes later, she received notification from the bank that the transaction was being processed.

Photo credit: AdaCelespeed Thaiparts / Facebook

What the scammer did not know is that the seller used her brother’s bank account because she was having trouble with her own. So, there’s no way that the bank would send her the notification for the transaction!

She was happy that the Lalamove rider did not give the phone to the scammer and the guy was even able to take clear photos of the scammer! Later on, the scammer explained that she was just trying to look rich.

Photo credit: AdaCelespeed Thaiparts / Facebook

The woman blocked her but she decided to share the story so that other sellers might not be so easily tricked with the same modus…

‼️BEWAREFAKE BANK DEPOSIT RECEIPT MODUSUPDATE: After few hours, nagso-sorry siya at nagpapakumbaba kuno 😅 Check last…

Posted by AdaCelespeed Thaiparts on Sunday, June 21, 2020