Smiling Grandpa Who Still Sells Bread at a Footbridge Goes Viral, Netizens Want to Help

Photos of a smiling grandpa who happily sells bread at a footbridge near a popular mall in Metro Manila went viral, with many netizens expressing willingness to help him out.

The smiling grandpa’s name was not shared in the viral post, but a lot of netizens recognized him as a regular seller at the footbridge just outside SM North Edsa.

Photo credit: Benj Samson / Facebook

In his post, Benj Samson encouraged other netizens to buy from this old seller even if they don’t need the bread, saying this guy and other hardworking, good people like him deserve so much more.

A lot of netizens felt happy that this old man still managed to look happy even if he had to work hard to sell bread. Some people think he’s just there to pass the time as his kids probably have a job now, yet many commend him for working hard to feed his family and believe that he still takes pride in selling even at his age because this makes him a responsible head of the household.

Many netizens promised to help this old man by buying some bread when they pass by, while others even promised to buy out all the items he is selling so he could be home early to get some rest.

Photo credit: Benj Samson / Facebook

The smiling grandpa might be earning just a few coins for the bread he is selling, but he appears to be very happy with his job. This made a lot of people smile, too. Many have expressed admiration that he remained positive even in his situation.

Samson’s post went viral, gaining over 34k reactions and 43k shares! Everyone was touched by this old man and his smile. So, if you happen to pass by the footbridge at SM North EDSA, buy some goodies from this smiling grandpa…

Source: Benj Samson / Facebook