Smart Dog Rides Jeep after Owners Leave Him at Home, Catches Up with Them at Traffic Stop

We all know that dogs are smart – that’s already a long-established fact. But one dog in Cebu recently proved that fact and became viral for the hilarious video that a netizen shared on Facebook.

Nova Tapuytao shared with GMA Network’s YouScoop social media page a video taken aboard a jeep in Cebu City.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nova Tapuytao

According to Nova, they were already on board a jeep when the dog took a ride on the vehicle as it passed near the Capitol. The passengers were a bit surprised as the dog did not appear to be with someone else on the jeep.

She began filming the dog as she and the other passengers were quite amused because the dog appeared to be anxious as it looked out the jeep’s window, seemingly looking for someone or something.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nova Tapuytao

The passengers wondered if the dog is actually owned by the driver or if it belonged to someone else, they were a bit worried if the dog knew how to go back home.

After a short while, the dog changed its position and appeared to be ready to get off the jeep.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nova Tapuytao

The passengers wondered if it found its home and would get off when the jeep stops but as the jeep slowed down at the traffic stop, the passengers of a nearby truck began to laugh as they saw the dog.

“Vince!” someone shouted as the rest of the truck’s passengers laughed.

It turned out the smart dog was left at home by his owners but he had the brilliant idea of riding the jeep to find them – though it was really pure luck that the jeep he had ridden stopped right beside the truck carrying his owners! Whew!

Photo credit: Facebook / Nova Tapuytao

Good job, Vince!

But netizens couldn’t help but make jokes about the smart dog and the funny situation.

Di kumpleto ang balita… di man lang inulat kung nagbayad ba…” the netizen wrote. LOL.

Pati aso maalam n rin mag 123 dapat humingi p xa ng sukli,” another one joked.

Check out this video and have a good laugh: