Small Restaurant Converts Facility to Homeless Shelter during Lockdown, Provides Food

It might be a lockdown in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon but this has brought out the best in people, with many stories of people helping out others in need. There are landlords who offered free rent to all tenants, some even giving extra cash! Companies provide workers with excellent benefits packages.

But even the small companies were still able to extend help to their workers – and some even went beyond the call of duty to help others in need, even strangers! Recently, a small restaurant went viral for temporarily closing its doors to paying customers to focus its efforts on helping the homeless people amid the lockdown.

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

Popburri is a small bakery and snackshop in East Kamias, Quezon City, that sells special popsicles, hot chocolate, rice meals, special pandesal, burritos, and other snack items. When the government announced the lockdown, Popburri decided to convert the facility into a homeless shelter for a while.

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

They offer a space for homeless people to sleep in from 6PM to 6AM, with free meals for breakfast and dinner, and free use of the toilets and bathrooms.

The restaurant announced:

“In the midst of the Covid-19 we have transformed our store into a homeless shelter. Thank you for your patience as we will no longer be selling food. The shelter will be open daily from 6pm-6am every evening until April 12. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm, and we will do our best to handle medical needs with the support of our East Kamias Barangay teams.

You are welcome to serve and bring food for our community during this time, or bring an old mattress, pillow, or bedsheet which we really need. (PPE equipment is very limited so kindly bring your own mask.) We may be small, but we serve a BIG God…let’s be instruments for Him together!”

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

Kudos to Popburri! Thanks for taking care of our homeless kababayans in your area.

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