Sleeping Homeless Man Receives Free Food from Kindhearted FoodPanda Rider

A homeless man was sleeping on his spot on the sidewalk, possibly dreaming about food and a roof over his head. Little did he know that an angel was about to bring him food in the form of a kindhearted FoodPanda rider who silently provided him a pack of food, without asking for anything in return.

In photos shared by Facebook page We are Malaysians, the FoodPanda rider was spotted by someone from a car stuck in traffic behind the food delivery service rider in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Posting with lots of ‘thumbs up’ emojis, the uploader shared the photos of this unnamed FoodPanda rider who gave the homeless man some food.

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

FoodPanda rider 👍👍👍

He is sending free Breakfast for him…😢😢😢


The post went viral, with many netizens thanking this FoodPanda rider for his kindness.

The photo uploader was not able to get his name, but netizens praised him across social media for his act of kindness to this old homeless person who looks so thin that he probably does not get to eat a good meal each day.

While most netizens assumed that the food came from this rider, many were curious whether it was an order than someone canceled or if this guy actually bought extra food just to give to this homeless man. What’s clear, however, is that he did it without expecting anything in return.

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

As he placed the food behind the old man, he did not even try to wake him up. He does not appear to be seeking recognition; though he would still go viral, anyway, because someone spotted the good deed and posted it on Facebook.

To this unknown FoodPanda guy, kudos!

Source: We are Malaysians / Facebook