Skewered Fingers, Anyone? This Shop In London Sold Butchered ‘Human’ Body Parts

What would you do if you come home to a candle-lit dinner serving a sumptuous rare human thigh steaks and skewered human sausages and eyeballs — and a glass of fine wine? Won’t you freak out?

In 2012, Capcom opened a human butcher shop called Wesker & Son in Smithfield meat market East London as a part of a morbid marketing strategy before the release of Resident Evil 6 video game. They sold butchered human body parts like hand, feet, fingers, eyes, and even male organs. But before your stomach turns upside-down, know that these are made up of beef, pork, and chicken meat ‘crafted’ to look like human body parts.

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The shop was only up for a limited time.  And all proceeds went to the Limbless Association which is a UK charity for amputees and others who’ve lost limbs.

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