Single Mom Loses Print Shop in ECQ, Now Earns Php50k a Day with Chicken Business

During the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) back in March, single mom Minda Nacario lost her print shop. She had to close down her business because it’s a non-essential business and there were no orders, anyway, because events are not allowed.

Photo credit: GMA News

What’s worse, she broke up with her husband and was having such a hard time that she didn’t even have any food to feed her baby, except sugar. She couldn’t also buy diapers for her baby. They had no food at all.

Photo credit: GMA News

Dumating ‘yong time na ‘yong baby ko walang diaper tapos nagkasakit siya, sabi ko wala akong pambili ng gamot hanggang sa dumating ‘yong time na pakainin ko na lang siya ng asukal,” Minda shared.

Kaya sabi ko, maghanap na talaga ako ng paraan kung paano ako makakuha ng pera, paano ako makaipon, makapagtinda-tinda.

With Php2,500 as capital, she started a chicken business. She sold food online and outside their home. She did everything she could to grow her money so that she and the kids can have some food.

Photo credit: GMA News

It was quite lucky for Minda that she was invited to be a part of Quezon City’s stores on wheels program. They sold food to communities under lockdown. While it was somewhat a scary prospect as so many people are contracting the virus, Minda stayed strong and thought about her family.

The hardworking single mom was able to quickly grow her business. In fact, it grew so fast that she now has three shops and was able to buy two vehicles: a van and a sedan! She uses the vehicles for delivery. Moreover, from the Php2,500 capital, she was able to grow her money and now earns Php50k a day!

Photo credit: GMA News

In just 3 months, Minda managed to turn her life around and even helped so many people, giving them jobs and helping them with their business. Who would have thought that 3 months ago, she and her kids barely had anything to eat, huh? Congrats, Minda!

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