Single Dad Wears Wig, Blouse So Kids Can Join Mother’s Day Activity in School

Being a single parent is doubly hard, not just because you have to work doubly hard to raise your kids but there are also activities in school that might require the presence of your partner who, for some reason, couldn’t be there.

One single dad in Thailand recently went viral for dressing up as a woman and wearing a wig so his kids could join the Mother’s Day activity at their school.

Photo credit: Charan “Ran” Chamnuansok / Facebook

Identified as Charan “Ran” Chamnuansok, this single dad melted hearts when he asked his Facebook friends for help in finding a wig and blouse that he could use for his children’s Mother’s Day activity the following day.

Photo credit: Charan “Ran” Chamnuansok / Facebook

Does anyone have a wig that I can borrow? I need to be a mother for my children,” Charan wrote.

A neighbor responded, lending him a wig. He also got a blouse from his grandmother.

Since his wife left the family many years ago, she does not join activities at their children’s school. But because the Mother’s Day activity was supposed to be done to honor moms and his ex-wife refused to come, Charan decided he would surprise the kids by attending as a ‘woman’.

Photo credit: Charan “Ran” Chamnuansok / Facebook

Six-year-old Name and 4-year-old Ben-Ten were all smiles after seeing their father in school wearing a blouse and a wig. They did not mind that they did not have their real mom at the activity as long as they were able to attend the ceremony to honor their ‘mom’.

Considering that Charan had played the role of both their father and mother, the boys appeared truly proud to honor him as their mom on Mother’s Day. They bowed before their dad, giving him flowers in honor of his sacrifices.

Photo credit: Charan “Ran” Chamnuansok / Facebook

It was as sweet moment for this dad and his sons, despite the fact that the activity was actually for mothers – and the boys were all smiles as they posed with their dad! Isn’t that beautiful?

Netizens praised this dad did for what he did, especially because kids can be rather emotional if they are not able to attend important school activities — such as the boy who cried because as he watched the other kids enjoying the Mother’s Day activities at his school…