Singapore-Based Pinay Doctor Belittles Angel Locsin, Calls Her an ‘Empty Can’

A Pinay doctor currently based in Singapore is in a bitter battle on Twitter with actress Angel Locsin, apparently over politics.

Angel, whose real name is Angelica Colmenares, fully supported the candidacy of her cousin, Neri Colmenares. But many netizens believe that Colmenares is part of communist group, the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Gerry Edra / Wiki Media Commons

During the recent mid-term elections, Angel sided with her cousin and slammed supposedly ‘biased’ reports about his affiliation with the NPA and his stand against the government. She had been busy protecting her cousin that she got into a word war with some netizens, including a Pinay doctor based in Singapore.

In a post on Fashion Pulis, screenshots of the Twitter war between Angel and a doctor who goes by the handle @donnz_MD were shared.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

Dear Ms. Angel Locsin, Artista ka. Doctor ako. FYI lang. please take time to know your Philippine history very well. Your whining here on twitter is so embarrassing. Walang laman eh. NpA sprouted because of the liberal party whom you’re defending. Go to the mountain 4 u to know,” @donnz_MD wrote, alluding to the fact that many rebels live in the mountains all over the Philippines.

While many showbiz personalities often ignore negative comments, especially one that involves politics, but Angel replied to this doctor.

Bat hindi ho kayo ang mamundok ng makatulong pa ho kayo sa mga lugar na malayo ang ospital kesa ho gamitin nyo pa ho yung oras nyo sa pag tweet sa akin? Inaano ko po ba kayo, ma’am para magalit ka ng ganyan?” the actress wrote.

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The doctor rapidly fired back.

Fyi, i am from eastern samar na madami ang NPA. Kaya hindi mo na kelangan sabihin sakin mamundok. Baka kaelangan mo yan for you to get in touch with reality. Not with written scripts,” @donnz_MD posted.

Lagi po ako sa bundok. 🙂 maganda na maramdaman mo na malawak ang mundo at napaliit lang natin. Very humbling. Try nyo rin po at mukhang kailangan nyo po, Doc.:)” Angel replied.

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But this did not end there. The doctor mocked Angel’s reply, asking what she was doing in the mountains and which mountains she visited. She later called Angel an empty can.

Ganito ka-shallow is Ms. Angel Locsin. Comparable to an empty can. Too noisy but nothing inside. Bawal ba magcomment sa inappropriate actions nya? As artista, she should be responsible with her actions and choice of words,” the doctor fired.

Bilang doctor, responsible ka rin ho dapat. Nakakahiya po kayo. Siguro wala ho kayong client na artist kung ganyan ang tingin niyo samin. Mapangmataas ka po. Pero wala namang laman ang sinasabi. Pinalaki ho ako ng maayos ng magulang ko at tinuruan ho akong lumaban para sa tama,” Angel wrote.

Photo credit: Fashion Pulis

Twitter is divided over this. While many sided with Angel and defended her after the doctor belittled her, many also believe she should just ignore such things instead of getting engaged in a Twitter war.

Sources: Fashion Pulis, KAMI