Sick Guy Walks from Marikina to QC to Get Chemo Meds, Arrives to Find PCSO Office Closed

The community quarantine and lockdown implemented in many parts of the Philippines, particularly in busy Metro Manila, has messed up with so many people’s lives. It’s something that is necessary to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19, of course, but it is so heartbreaking to hear stories of people who really need transportation but were unable to find any.

Photo credit: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook

Henry “Henry” Dela Cruz lives in Marikina but needs to get his medicines in Quezon City. Anticipating the lack of transportation, he made a sign that read, “Papuntang Q.C Para Sa Aking Chemo Medicines. Makikisakay po! Salamat.

Preparing for tomorrow. Tayo-tayo na lang talaga ang magtutulungan. Magtiwala tayo sa kabutihan ng iba sa panahon ng Epidemya,” Henry captioned his post.

Photo credit: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook

Though there were people who offered to help, none could bring him directly to the city. So, he ended up walking all the way to Quezon City. But his difficulties did not stop there. When he arrived at the PCSO (Lung Center), he was told that the office was closed despite it being still 9AM.

The guard told him that the office was closed and that no one could help him out. Dismayed but determined to get his medicines, Henry told the guard it was like telling him to just accept the situation and his possible untimely demise.

Photo credit: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook

“Guard: Wala na talaga sir, uwi na kayo. Maghintay na lang kayo ng anunsyo sa balita.

Me: Kagabi pa ako magaantay ng anunsyo niyo, hanggang kaninang umaga wala. Galing pa ako malayo, naglakad para makapunta dito.”

He was told it was already “cut-off” but he insisted that there could be no “cut-off” if the office was closed in the first place. So, he insisted that he will wait until someone helps him out. What he went through was heartbreaking as no one entertained him there for a long time, but they got angry when he insisted that he has to get the medicines that day.

Photo credit: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook

After walking to get to the office, he would later have to walk up to the third floor to face the manager who eventually approved his request. At 2:15PM, he was able to finally get the guarantee letter from PCSO, but now has the added problem of reaching Globo Asiatico on time because the office closes at 4PM.

Without any vehicles in the streets, he walked from East Ave to Maginhawa Street. Thankfully, he reached the place before 3PM. At 5PM, he was ready to go home.

Photo credit: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook

What a difficult day he had been through – and considering he’s undergoing chemo, it was something that he shouldn’t have to go through but he was left with no choice… We hope that the next time he needs to go to the places he needs to go to, particularly to get much-needed medicines, he could get help instead of walk. And we hope he won’t be treated the same way he was treated today…

Source: Henry “Hedel” Dela Cruz / Facebook