Short-Legged Corgi Seeks Help from Taller Collie Brothers to Get Food from Counter

Corgis are short-legged but that does not mean they can’t be full of mischief! One named Hugo might be the shortest dog in the family, but it is the leader of the pack, easily commanding his much taller border collie brothers to do just about anything he wants them to. LOL.

Line Froystad said that their three dogs love playing with each other. But since Hugo is so much smaller and shorter, the two taller brothers don’t really mind giving him a piggyback ride and letting him jump on their backs.

Photo credit: Funny Bubble Dogs / Instagram

Whether they are swimming at the beach or just running around, it seems that Hugo is really the boss dog in the house.

One night, Froystad put some leftovers on the kitchen counter. She was busy doing something when she noticed that the dogs had moved towards where she had left the food.

Curious as to what they would do, she had a good laugh seeing the two border collies standing close to each other and providing a supportive platform so the much shorter Hugo could reach the counter to taste some of the leftover food! LOL.

Photo credit: Funny Bubble Dogs / Instagram

Froystad just had to snap some photos as she wanted to have some proof of Hug’s mischief. She thinks that the two border collies believe Hugo would be sharing some of the leftover food from the counter because they gave him a boost. But the silly little dog just gobbled everything up!

But the two did not hold a grudge, Froystad said. Despite Hugo not giving them any food even if they helped him up, the two remain his best friends and still give him a boost anytime he wanted to reach something that’s too high for his short legs.