Shell Pump Boys Hailed Heroes for Fearlessly Putting Out Fire, Saving Entire Neighborhood

It is human nature to run away from danger, particularly something as dangerous as a gas explosion! But pump boys in Dumaguete City are being hailed as heroes for fearlessly putting out the fire and saving the entire neighborhood just across the gas station they were working at.

Photo credit: Roy “Buzz” Bustillo / Facebook

The fire broke out in the evening of February 4 at Daro Highway in Dumaguete City, just across a Shell Gas Station. According to initial investigations, an LPG tank exploded inside the house of a couple who sells LPG tanks for a living.

Photo credit: Roy “Buzz” Bustillo / Facebook

The couple are wounded in the incident and the explosion led to a fire inside their house, but brave and quick-thinking pump boys from the Shell Gas Station across their home rushed to the scene to put out the fire. Braving the danger and possible added explosions, the pump boys carried fire extinguishers from their workstation and bravely put out the fire!

Photo credit: Roy “Buzz” Bustillo / Facebook

Thanks to their bravery, the fire was contained and did not spread across the neighborhood. If not for these pump boys’ bravery and presence of mind, the fire could have easily spread in the neighborhood whose houses are built so close to each other. The fire would have gutted out many businesses in the area as this spot has plenty of stores.

Photo credit: Roy “Buzz” Bustillo / Facebook

Though they could have chosen to stand guard and protect the gas station, the pump boys chose to do the most sensible thing by putting out the fire from the source – and they succeeded! The fire was out even before the fire trucks arrived. Kudos to you, brave heroes!

Here’s a video taken after the incident, posted by local reporter Roy “Buzz” Bustillo:

Pump Boy Heroes

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Here are some photos from the incident:


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