Sheerlyn Gerasta’s Husband Finds New Love with Another OFW in Saudi

A lot of Filipinos had followed the story of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Sheerlyn Gerasta and her tricycle driver husband, Charlie Lozada. Many were dismayed that even with Raffy Tulfo’s intervention, she still chose her lover, Edwin Madrideo, over her husband and their five children.

Brokenhearted, Charlie admitted that he could not do anything about this situation since his wife no longer loves him and even openly makes video calls with her lover, talking about their plans to live together and marry each other.

Photo credit: Malonzo Gatbonton Gretchen / Facebook

Recently, however, a woman has been sharing photos of her video call sessions with Charlie and his daughter, Sophia. The woman, Malonzo Gatbonton Gretchen, is supposedly an OFW who lives in Saudi.

At first, she shared the photos with captions that mentioned they were “just friends”, but as she continued posting more photos, netizens have concluded that these two are now in a relationship.

Photo credit: Malonzo Gatbonton Gretchen / Facebook

They often call each other, even if they had just woken up – and Gretchen often shares their pictures, sometimes even writing “I love you” on the caption though she would claim that she only says that to him “as a friend”. It’s certainly an echo to Sheerlyn’s claim about her video calls with Edwin.

In some of the posts, Gretchen would make hints about falling in love with Charlie and her willingness to be with him now, to help him ‘heal’ from his broken heart; but she claims she is also ready to leave if ‘she’ comes back, obviously referring to Sheerlyn.

Photo credit: Malonzo Gatbonton Gretchen / Facebook

Many netizens were happy for Charlie, saying that after all that he had been through with his wife, he certainly deserves to find happiness again. It was clear in the posts that Charlie now feels happy with Gretchen even if they are not yet ready to admit the real status of their relationship.

A number of netizens were skeptical, however, that this woman had true feelings with Charlie. Many are saying she’s just trying to ride on with the issue and become famous, while others said she’s just doing this because Charlie now has money since Raffy had given him Php100,000 to start a new life.

Photo credit: Malonzo Gatbonton Gretchen / Facebook

But many were still happy for the tricycle driver, saying he deserves to be happy again – and if that meant finding love with another OFW in Saudi, then that’s his choice. Some joked, though, that he might get a double-Tulfo if Gretchen leaves him in the future…

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