Security Guard Uses Kiddie Bike to Work, Kind Cops Buy Him a New Mountain Bike

In these days of COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people have turned to biking not just as a hobby but as a transport option that they can use for work, buy groceries, or go to other places.

Since there are plenty of limits imposed on most public transportation, this left too many commuters waiting for a long time on the road for something they can ride. Thus, many bought new motorcycles or opt for bikes since these are cheaper and wouldn’t require a driver’s license to use.

Photo credit: Santa Maria PS / Facebook

But bikes can be quite expensive, especially now that there is a huge demand. A lot of sellers have increased the bikes’ regular prices. While other bike sellers didn’t really increase their prices, they also face low stocks because everyone is buying bikes!

This left a lot of people unable to buy a new bike. Many have to cope with the small bikes owned by their children.

Photo credit: Santa Maria PS / Facebook

One of them is Victor de Guzman who lives in Santa Maria, Bulacan. His workplace is located in Norzagaray, Bulacan – that’s 10 km away! It seems that the security guard does not own a motorcycle but can’t also buy a bigger bike he could use for traveling to work.

So, Victor had to cycle to work in the small bike. Since it was too small for him, he simply extended the seat so he could still stretch his legs properly while cycling, but the small handlebars, the small wheels, and the small frame really make the bike very unsafe for his size.

Victor even has to use his foot to brake! Yikes. Very unsafe, indeed!

Photo credit: Santa Maria PS / Facebook

Seeing the security guard’s frequents struggle to commute with that kiddie bike, Police Staff Sergeant Melvin Rogero told his colleagues about his plan to buy him a mountain bike. Everyone happily shared some money and they were soon able to come up with enough money to buy one that would fit this security guard.

Photo credit: Santa Maria PS / Facebook

One day, as he passed through the checkpoint again, the cops surprised the security guard with his new mountain bike! It’s really so sweet of these officers to use their money to give this hardworking security guard a safer, better ride to work.