Security Guard to Receive New Car after Biking 5km to Return Woman’s Lost Wallet

An honest security guard who biked for an hour uphill for about 5km to return a woman’s lost wallet earned praise on social media for his honorable deed – and he’s about to get a new car from netizens! Wow.

Aina Jose Townsend was on duty at Foodland, a supermarket in Kahului, Hawaii, when he spotted the wallet accidentally left by Chloe Marino inside a shopping cart. When the owner did not claim it by the time his shift ended, the 22-year-old security guard volunteered to deliver the wallet to the owner’s house.

Since he did not have car, Aina biked all the way to the Marino residence to deliver the wallet. Chloe was surprised when he arrived at their house because they did not even notice that the wallet was missing!

Photo credit: Good News Network

On Saturday my wife left her wallet in the shopping cart of Foodland in Kahului by the mall. After loading the baby and groceries into the car, she hadn’t even noticed it was gone,” Chloe’s husband Gray explained.

The security guard from Foodland found the wallet, and after seeing that we didn’t come back for it. He got on his bicycle and he pedaled miles to Waiehu where we lived, getting the address from her ID. He literally rode his bicycle to return her wallet. Completely full of everything important to her including cash. Nothing was so much as moved.

After hearing the story, Gray’s friend Greg Gaudet decided to set up a GoFundMe campaign to reward the young security guard for his honesty. Greg hoped that with the community helping out, perhaps they could buy the security guard a car he can use for work since he doesn’t own one.

But what really got me was that he rides his bike to work and school everyday because he doesn’t have a car, and has been doing this for 5 years,” Greg wrote.

When I put myself in his position after a long day of work and school, wanting to go home to see my family and go to bed, but choosing to ride my bike to the next town miles away instead to return this women’s wallet, I know this guy has a huge heart.

Amazingly, while Greg only set the goal to $5,000, donations poured in so quickly that they have received over $25,000 to date! Wow.