Security Guard at Tech Company Learned Coding, Gets Hired as Tech Officer

Don’t let your present situation dictate your future. That’s exactly what security guard Abdul Alim did – and he rose from security guard to the company’s tech officer after learning how to code.

Abdul Alim comes from a poor family in a rural area in India. But he wanted to live a better life. So, even with just 1,000 rupees ($13.80 or Php670) in his pocket, he decided to try his luck at the nearest big city. He rode a train to Chennai, spending most of his money on the ticket.

Without money, Abdul lived in the streets and could barely eat for the next 2 months. Yet he did not give up. He tried his best to look for a job – and eventually found one as security guard at a tech company called Zoho Corporation.

He worked so hard as security guard that he got the attention of senior employee, Shibu Alexis, who chatted up with him one day, asking about his educational background and whether he knew how to use a computer.

Photo credit: Abdul Alim

Despite him being just a security guard at the company, Shibu offered to teach him how to code. Somehow, the senior employee saw potential in his young man.

After Abdul completes a 12-hour shift as security guard, he heads off to Shibu’s office to learn coding. Just about 8 months later, he was able to develop an app that impressed Shibu so much. The senior employee showed the app to his manager – and the latter hired Abdul after a short interview!

Surprised, Abdul was hesitant to accept the offer. The honest young man told the manager that he didn’t even have a college degree, but the manager told him that his skills are more important than his college degree.

It’s so amazing that Abdul recently celebrated his 8th year with the company. He now works as the company’s tech officer. A lot of people were amazed by his story, but Abdul credits everything to Shibu, the senior employee who saw his potential even while he was just a security guard who didn’t even know how to code.