School Receives Large Containers of Rotten Food Donations from Wedding Leftovers

It is admirable that there are so many people who readily give to the poor and needy, providing them with food, water, and other basic needs. This especially holds true amid the COVID-19 crisis when so many people lost their jobs. Even those who are struggling with their finances also help out.

But netizens are furious at a donor who sent large containers of rotten food to a school in Kelantan, Malaysia. While this donor’s intention might be good, the food containers that came from this donor’s party were already rotten by the time they arrived at Tahfiz School.

Photo credit: OHBULAN!

While the school feels thankful to the people who continue to support the students and staff by sending food and other things they needed, this kind of donation is something that they clearly do not appreciate. In fact, the school had to face the added problem of where to dispose the rotten food as the smell gave the students headaches!

The school administrators announced that though the school appreciates donations of any kind, prospective donors are reminded to think about what they are trying to donate and if it can actually help the students.

Photo credit: OHBULAN!

Thankfully, there was no one affected with food poisoning because the staff were able to throw the food before the students can eat these. However, the rotten smell stuck for many hours, making the students feel sick, anyway.

Netizens slammed this donor for giving rotten food, but it turned out that this is not the first time it happened. In fact, according to the administrators, they often had to turn away donations of rotten food from rich folks who held big parties but had to deal with a lot of leftover food.

Because the foods had been prepared early but the party was held hours later, the food often go stale by the time these get delivered to the school, the administrator added.

Photo credit: OHBULAN!

Anyway, I say thank you because the host still remember us. Even at the end of the day. We also say thank you for working hard to deliver dishes even after being tired of treating guests all day long. Thank you for not forgetting us. We always pray for the masters to be blessed and blessed. For the bride, may you be happy until the end of time. Amen,” the administrator ended the post.