School Earns Praise for Providing Students with Armchairs with Built-in Lockers

Have you noticed how so many young students are struggling with heavy backpacks to school? What’s not good about these heavy backpacks is that these could lead to permanent damage to children’s backs!

One solution for that is buying trolley bags; though these bags are often expensive and still heavy to lug around.

Another option is for parents to be allowed inside the school to carry their children’s bags for them; but this is not a viable solution since not all parents are able to do that or have several children to send to school.

Photo credit: Fmdms Silang / Facebook

A school in Silang, Cavite went viral for its initiative to provide students with armchairs that have built-in lockers, to ensure that they don’t always to bring heavy backpacks to their classes. Father Michael Donoher Memorial School built special armchairs with seats that were converted into boxes. The boxes act as lockers for the kids to leave their things in.

What makes this design better than building regular lockers is that it saves space because the locker occupies the otherwise empty, usually unused space under the student’s chair. Moreover, it saves the students time because they don’t have to walk to their lockers as their things are already found underneath the seats of their chairs.

Photo credit: Fmdms Silang / Facebook

The project received much praise from parents and teachers across the Philippines, with many hoping that other schools could also use the design to ease the burden that kids have to go through every single day.

While some parents are worried that their children’s things might get lost or that the kids might forget their assignments in class, the answer to that is putting locks on the locker part of the chairs and putting the kid’s name on the seat (a masking tape would do a great job without ruining the paint).

Photo credit: Fmdms Silang / Facebook

As for forgetting about books and notebooks for assignments, the kids can be trained to bring the essentials back home. For instance, parents or teachers could teach the kids to immediately put in their bags the notebooks or books in subjects where assignments are given.

Photo credit: Fmdms Silang / Facebook

At the end of the day, what matters is that the kids no longer have to bring very heavy backpacks to school! Who wants this kind of chair?

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