Scavenger Wows after ‘Celebrity’ Makeup Transformation, Rocks New Look as Model

A scavenger recently went viral for his good looks after getting a ‘celebrity’ makeup transformation from a hair and makeup artist in Angeles City, Pampanga. He now rocks his new looks as model – and netizens said they won’t be surprised if they see him in a commercial soon! Wow.

The incredible transformation began when he was spotted by Richard Stranz, a hair and makeup artist who owns a salon in Angeles City. According to Richard, he kept on seeing the scavenger, Dennis Pascual, at the streets near the salon.

Photo credit: Richard Stranz

But it was only recently that he got a good look at the scavenger and saw that his face has potential to become a model. He even likens the scavenger to Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, the guy who plays the Avengers’ Star Lord in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series under the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The kindhearted hair and makeup artist decided to give the scavenger a makeover in hopes that he might land a job so he can find a better way to earn money. After talking to Dennis, Richard received permission to give the scavenger a makeover.

Photo credit: Richard Stranz

He happily announced that Dennis was glad about the makeover because it made him feel better and comfortable.

While they were talking, Richard learned that Dennis was left by his family when he was still 7 years old. He has no clue about their whereabouts as he now lives in the streets, collecting garbage to sell to junk shops so he can have some money.

Photo credit: Richard Stranz

Richard made sure to also provide Dennis with food and some new clothes he can use after the transformation. He also plans to enroll Dennis to a gym to maintain his looks, in preparation for the possible modeling jobs he might land in the future.

Everyone is cheering on Dennis and thanking Richard for transformation this scavenger’s life. But the hair and makeup artist simply waved the praise away, saying that he simply feels happy when he helps those in need.

Photo credit: Richard Stranz

Marami naman ako nga natulungan na mga ganun. Lagi ‘yung mga nagbabasura ganyan kasi. Parang malapit kasi ako sa ganyan kasi nga dati rin akong nangangalakal,” Richard explained.

Kapag nakakakita ako ng mga nangangalakal ‘yung parang ang gaan ng loob ko sa kanila tapos gusto ko silang tulungan. Basta kapag nakikita kong masipag sila, gusto ko silang tulungan.

He also feels happy that Dennis is easy to teach.

Photo credit: Richard Stranz

Ang napansin ko kay Dennis ang bilis niyang turuan. Nakita niyo naman pang model ang itsura ni Dennis, ano lang siya, talagang kailangan niyang alagaan,” he added.

We’re hoping Dennis gets a modeling contract soon!