Scary but Beautiful Waterspouts Form Over Laguna de Bay, Scare Locals

Just before sundown on May 30, 2020, several waterspouts formed over Laguna de Bay, scaring the locals – especially those who were in the middle of the lake, traveling by boat towards their home! Whew.

Photo credit: Dj Fermin Derilo / Facebook

It was past 6PM when the waterspouts were spotted over the bay. While three were large and visible across many towns around and near the bay, there were actually four!

Photo credit: Rizzalyn Piñon Celestra / Facebook

Can you just imagine how scared these residents were to watch this natural phenomenon form and move right before their eyes, just a few kilometers away from their homes?

Rizzalyn Piñon Celestra, 39, was traveling to Talim Island in Binangonan, Rizal at 6:27 pm when the waterspouts formed. Like many others in the boat, she was so scared about what could happen. She prayed hard and was also shaking throughout the trip. Thankfully, they made it safely across the lake.

Apat pa ‘yan nang abutan ko, kinabahan na ako kaya nagdasal na lang ako,” Celestra said, sharing several pictures of the waterspouts.

Photo credit: Rizzalyn Piñon Celestra / Facebook

Celestra wasn’t the only one who was able to take photos of the waterspouts. Many other netizens shared photos and even videos of the spectacular albeit scary phenomenon over the lake.

Photo credit: მიშელ არგეგა მიშელ არგეგა / Facebook

It’s so scary to just watch the videos at the comfort of our homes. Just imagine how these people felt! Whew. Thankfully, the waterspouts eventually dissipated. We hope they didn’t do any damage to lives and property… Hope no boats were also hit by these waterspouts.

Watch here:

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Posted by ABS-CBN News on Saturday, May 30, 2020