Sana All! Bride Receives Surprise Gift of Php1 Million Cash from Groom on Wedding Day

What’s the best gift to give a bride on her wedding day, particularly from the groom? There’s a long list of awesome things that the groom can give his bride on their wedding day, but one really lucky bride received something totally unexpected: Php1 million in cold, hard cash! Wow. Sana all!

Wedding photographer Team Benitez Photo posted a picture of the smiling bride as she received the surprise gift from her groom. The still unnamed bride was preparing for the photoshoot at the time when she was told by the wedding coordinator that the groom had prepared something for her, a surprise gift that she is supposed to open right then and there.

You can just imagine her surprise and joy to receive a bundle of money wrapped in a pink ribbon. All in Php1,000 bills, the surprise gift amounted to Php1 million! Lucky bride, huh?

On its Facebook page, Team Benitez Photo shared the picture with a ‘sana all’ caption.

Now that’s a surprise wedding gift!!! Php1,000,000 cash!!! “Sana all” comments in 3, 2, 1, go! Hahaha,” the photography team half joked.

Photo credit: Team Benitez Photo / Facebook

It was not surprising that the post would quickly go viral, gaining over 11k reactions and nearly 9k shares in less than 24 hours! Thousands of commenters shared the same thoughts as they wished they were also as lucky as this bride to receive that much money as gift from the groom! Awwwww.

Definitely a ‘Sana all’ moment!” one netizen wrote.

Sana all may budget sa kasal 1,000,000 is too much for perfect wedding and small business. Sana all sana all sana all,” another chimed in.

Many tagged their significant others, telling them they want the same gift. LOL. But others were more serious, saying that they didn’t receive that much as wedding gift but still lived a great life – and the couple could work for that Php1 million throughout their savings.

Some joked that the groom was clever because he gave the bride a huge gift, but it will become conjugal property in just a few minutes. LOL.

We can still make our bride smile like this even without a single peso in their hands. LOVE, HONESTY, & LOYALTY is priceless and cheap,” one guy also commented.

But others agreed that even if you can be happy with a groom or bride who has no money, receiving a million pesos on your wedding day is truly everyone’s secret wish! What do you think? Sana all, ano?