Romantic Proposal Fails after Woman Falls Off 650-ft Cliff, Guy Dangles 50ft

It all started out as an ordinary day, with a couple hiking to the top of Falkert mountain in Carinthia, Austria, but they both ended up at the hospital after an epic proposal fail that sent them both falling off the cliff! Ouch. What a way to “fall in love”!

According to the authorities who rescued the two, eyewitnesses saw that when the coupled reached the top, the man promptly proposed to the woman – and she happily said “Yes!” But a freak accident happened as the woman slipped off the cliff, landing some 650 ft below.

After the woman fell off the cliff, the guy tried to dive after her but was caught at the ledge and left dangling 50ft off the ground. Rescue helicopters arrived at the scene and managed to save him as he hang on for dear life at the ledge.

It was lucky that the thick snow at the bottom had cushioned the woman’s fall. Though she was hurt in the accident, the 32-year-old woman is not in critical condition despite the incredible distance from the top of the cliff to the bottom.

The couple were not identified for privacy reasons but the woman is said to be from St Pölten while her 27-year-old fiancé is from Carinthia.

Local authorities said that the woman was lucky because the part she landed on was actually a rocky area, but due to the thick snow covering the area at the time, she survived the incident without serious injuries.

Photo credit: The Sun UK / Alpin-1

The two were extremely lucky. He flew 15 meters through the air. The woman fell 200 meters over rocky terrain. Had it not been for snow, it would have turned out very different,” explained a police officer at the scene.

Also, there were people in the area where the woman fell; thus, she was rescued immediately and brought to the hospital, preventing complications for hypothermia. Meanwhile, the guy was jokingly diagnosed with “love sickness” and was told that the story of how they “fell in love” is simply epic!

Some netizens commented that guys thinking of proposing to their girlfriend should think of the risks involved in their planned proposal, especially if it happens at the top of a snowy mountain with the woman standing by a cliff…