Rider is Late for Just 4 Minutes, Customer Cancels Order and Gives Him Bad Rating

Maam sige wag niyo na bayaran. Labas ka dito subuan nalang kita. Kakain lang tayo. promise. Wew! #CODProblems,” Lalamove rider Keith De Guzman wrote as he shared a screenshot of his convo with a customer.

The Lalamove rider shared the bad experience on Facebook after a heartless customer canceled the order because he was late for just 4 minutes! Then, she also gives him a bad rating, adding insult to injury.

In a convo that De Guzman had with the customer whose name and number he still concealed despite what she had done, the Lalamove rider messaged the customer to inform her that he received the booking – that’s at 1:57PM on May 18.

At 2:24PM, De Guzman was already at the gate. But the customer replied a few minutes later, telling him that the booking instructions specified that the order should be delivered by 2:20PM.

Photo credit: Keith De Guzman / Facebook

De Guzman explained that when he received the booking past 1:50PM, he immediately went to the pick-up area to get the order. Then, he quickly drove to the customer’s house. He apologized for being 4 minutes late, but the customer refused to pay the order now.

Aside from the rider being 4 minutes late, the customer said that her dad had already gone out. He was supposed to be the one to pay for the food. Since she didn’t have money to pay De Guzman, she suggested that he simply eat the food himself.

Surprised, De Guzman told her the order had been done on a COD basis and she should pay the delivery feed, but he was ignored.

Sige ma’am. Labas na lang po kayo. Wag mo na bayaran. Hati na lang tayo baka di ko po maubos to eh,” he joked out of frustration.

Photo credit: Keith De Guzman / Facebook

But the woman didn’t come out. In anger, he shared the story on his account, also airing his frustration after the woman gave him a bad rating as well. Just imagine, he spent his time, money, and effort for the order which she didn’t pay for – and she had the audacity to give him a bad rating! Tsk. Tsk.

Sources: Keith De Guzman / Facebook, RachFeed