Rico Blanco Calls Out a News Site Because of Its Misleading Headline

With the fast-paced world that we are in today, relaying a piece of information needs to be done as quickly as possible. This also includes relaying the latest news. Some would use titles that are very straightforward, but others would use a title that is very shocking, but the contents of the article are not what the reader would expect.

Rico Blanco is a singer and songwriter famous for being part of the band Rivermaya, and with the songs that he released while in the band and as a solo artist. He is famous for such songs as “Panahon Nanaman,” “Balisong,” and as a solo artist, “Liwanag sa Dilim.”

He and Viva Music had a contract signing just recently in order to have all his songs under the record label. During the event, he allowed a few questions from the press. One of the questions involved him giving a reaction to some fans saying that he is the “Keanu Reeves of the Philippines.”

Rico feels flattered by the comparison, but he also mentioned that he wants to have the practice of branding someone as the version of the Philippines stopped. He wants to have everyone have their own identity and not be compared to other people.

Shortly after the contract signing, a certain showbiz news site posted a couple of articles related to Rico Blanco. One of the articles had a title that felt misleading for Rico, so he Tweeted about it.

In his Tweet, he said the headline will get him in trouble and he wanted to deliver a different message. He added a screenshot of what he said in the article, and then he mentioned that he will not be inviting the said news site to any future press conferences that he’ll hold.

In a follow-up Tweet, he then said that the same news site reposted the same headline, despite his call out gaining a lot of Retweets and Likes (the Tweet has more than 9,000 Retweets and had reache more then 50,000 Likes as of this writing.)

A day later, Rico Retweeted a post from the news site’s Twitter account with a link to a follow-up article that they did. Upon reading the article, it would appear as though it was written as a personal attack on Rico.

Netizens have been supportive of Rico and have started criticizing the newer posts that the news site were making.

You can view Rico Blanco’s post here: