Restaurant Faces Backlash after Mocking Teen for Paying Meal in Coins

A teenager was out, enjoying a meal with two friends, but he would later be mocked by the restaurant for paying them in coins! But with coins being legal tender and the teen actually earning that money in tips at another restaurant, netizens would quickly come to his aid and call for a boycott on the rude restaurant.

Cohen Naulty actually had a $20 bill with him – and he used that to pay for the meal. It covered the amount of his meal, but he wanted to pay for his friends’ meal, too. So, he used his coins to cover the rest of the bill, plus a tip worth $10.

But the restaurant was not happy with the coins their received.

We’ll just caption this…How NOT to pay at a restaurant, cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness. #wearebeer88notcoinstar, #nohometraining, and #workingwiththepublic,” wrote the restaurant based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The post did not sit well on many netizens who would quickly share the post, asking their friends to boycott the restaurant for the rude remark. Many people also took the teen’s side, especially after hearing his story.

I walked there with my friends and that is all I had to take with me. As a waiter I have a lot of change at the end of the day. Without a car I can’t just drive somewhere to change it all in whenever I want,” said Cohen who works at a different restaurant.

Kim Naulty, Cohen’s mother, was hurt with the restaurant’s hashtag, #nohometraining. She said that her son was a good kid and didn’t mean any insult when he paid in coins – because it’s actually the money he earns in tips at the restaurant he works in.

Facing backlash, the restaurant made light of the situation.

Obviously the SARCASM and HUMOR of this post is lost on most of y’all,” the restaurant management posted.

But many aren’t buying the ‘humor’ in the post, especially because of the hashtags used by the restaurant.

In response, the teen launched ‘The Quarter Boy’ which received over $5,000 in just 4 days! He’s using the money to fund other people’s meals – in restaurants that actually accept coins for payment!

Watch his heartwarming story here:

The Quarter Boy

When a negative social media post sparked a desire to do good, this teen made random acts of kindness a part of his daily life.

Posted by Upworthy on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sources: NTD TV, WSET, UpWorthy