Repeatedly Tricked by Pinoys, Foreigner Lives in Shack and Sells Fish to Earn Money

He has been repeatedly tricked by Pinoys who took advantage of his generosity and innocence, but a foreigner in Davao Oriental refused to give up – and he even continues to love the Philippines and Filipinos!

Identified as Anselm, the 28-year-old foreigner who hails from Wales in the United Kingdom got married to a Filipina in Davao City. He has actually been in the Philippines since 2016!

Photo credit: Becoming Filipino / The Daily Sentry

Just like many foreigners who came to visit, Anselm fell in love with the Philippines. He loves the culture, the beauty of the place, everything about the country. It’s a huge bonus, aside from the fact that he loves his Pinay wife, of course.

But the young man had his fair share of troubles in the Philippines after getting tricked so many times by Pinoys who took advantage of his kindness.

Photo credit: Becoming Filipino / The Daily Sentry

Since he wanted to live in the Philippines for good, he decided to build a business so he could support his family even without needing to leave the country. While their house is in Davao City, the couple bought a fishpond in Cateel, Davao Oriental. It’s actually 4 hours away!

But Anselm was willing to learn how to manage the fishpond so he and his wife could have a steady source of income. He spent months learning how to grow and sell fish.

Determined to grow his business, he also learned from the people at Brgy. Baybay. He even learned how to speak Bisaya so he could deal with people at the fish market better!

Photo credit: Becoming Filipino / The Daily Sentry

Yet things did not go as planned. There were a lot of times when he got duped by his workers, tricked by middlemen and traders, and experienced trouble with the vehicle that’s supposed to deliver fish.

What’s worse, the COVID-19 crisis led to the huge drop in market prices for the fish and he had troubles with getting enough stock for ice to store the fish. He experienced so many difficulties but Anselm isn’t giving up.

Because there were also lots of travel restrictions in place, he can’t freely travel between Cateel and Davao City. So, he had to live in the shack by the fishpond, reports The Daily Sentry. The shack looks rundown and uncomfortable, yet Anselm persevered.

Photo credit: Becoming Filipino / The Daily Sentry

He’s been living away from his family for over 4 months due to COVID-19 but he continues to try harder to regain his massive financial losses.

What’s so amazing about Anselm is that he didn’t just persevere, he remained a good person who believes in the goodness of people. While many Pinoys tricked him, he doesn’t think all Pinoys are bad.

Photo credit: Becoming Filipino / The Daily Sentry

Well, there were good people, people who did bad things, people who helped me… and people who took advantage of me,” he said.

Such an inspiring man! Salute, Anselm! Praying for your success…

Here’s Anselm chatting up with Kulas of the Becoming Filipino vlog:


This British Man loves life here in the Philippines… and SPEAKS BISAYA!?Kumar and I spent the morning exploring Cateel in Davao Oriental! After driving around, we ended up on a beautiful beach, meeting a wonderful local family. What started as a chilled morning, turned into a lot of laughter and fun! We drank some tuba, played in the ocean, had a barbecue, and even met a random Welsh guy who can speak Bisaya!Anselm has been living in the Philippines since 2016 and really loves it here! He has a great attitude and… LOVES FIGHTER WINE! Anyways, this was a great day with a Filipino family, at the best beach in Cateel Davao Oriental!#BecomingFilipino

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