Remember the Kid Studying Outside McDonald’s? The Company Gave Him a Graduation Party

Not everyone is lucky to be born into a rich family, with everything they needed readily available even before they asked. In fact, there are several times more poor people than the rich ones.

But a lot of people who were born poor have become an inspiration to others as they find a way to improve their situation and doing their best to complete their education even if they don’t have a lot of money.

Photo credit: PhilStar

Some years ago, Daniel Cabrera went viral after someone saw him studying under the light outside a McDonald’s outlet in Subangdaku, Mandaue. It turned out that the kid’s house did not have electricity, but this did not stop him from doing his homework. Each day, the kid would bring his notebooks outside this McDonald’s outlet, taking advantage of the bright light from the store.

His photo would go viral, with many netizens expressing amazement that he is doing his best to work on his lessons even if the light was not as bright as what other students get to enjoy at home.

Photo credit: PhilStar

Many also pointed out that many students often complain about their schoolwork or not getting the expensive brands they want for their school supplies, yet there are many kids such as Daniel who are trying to cope with what they have – even if that meant studying away from their homes so they can have enough light to do their assignments.

Daniel recently graduated from Subangdaku Elementary School. What’s quite admirable about this kid is that he was able to get two awards: Best in Math and Best in Attendance. Even though he only gets to work on his assignments under the light at McDonald’s, he still managed to do well in school!

Photo credit: PhilStar

After learning about his graduation, the store threw him a congratulatory party for free! Woohoo! Congratulations, Daniel.