Raffy Tulfo Completes House of Family Left Behind by Nanay Sonia and Frank Gregorio

Last December, netizens were furious over the loss of a mother and her son just outside their house, done by an angry policeman neighbor. The family received help from Raffy Tulfo so they could hire the best lawyers to help them win the case against the powerful policeman.

But Tulfo isn’t just providing legal aid to the family, he also gave them financial assistance and provided them with a business so they can continue earning some money. Moreover, he made sure to make the family’s house safer and better by getting it completed in honor of the late Nanay Sonia and her son Frank.

Did you notice that the Gregorio family’s house was actually still under construction and didn’t even have proper windows? Seeing the need to ensure the family’s safety, Tulfo also got their house completed.

Photo credit: Gregorio Family

It turned out that the family had moved to the house even though it still isn’t complete yet. According to Tatay Florentino Gregorio, this 4-bedroom house is the dream house for the family. He and his wife, Nanay Sonya, had long dreamed of building a house where they could live happily with their children.

Tatay Florentino tours the Raffy Tulfo in Action (RTIA) team around the house. It was clear that there are still so many things that needed to be done at this house, but Tulfo promised to pay for everything! Wow.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action

Some weeks later, the house was finally complete. The house now looks so beautiful and so different from how it had been when the two were slain just beside their porch. While they can’t erase the memory of the painful event that happened just outside their home, the family surely feels a bit better now that the house doesn’t show them plenty of reminders from that bitter moment.

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