‘Queen Rules’ in Fight Versus Lion and Lioness, Netizens Liken it to Married Couples

A lot of married people joke that no matter what a husband’s rank or status in society might be, his wife is always right and often wins the most arguments. But it appears that such is the case even in the animal kingdom!

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a lion and a lioness were fighting at a safari park. While humans could be seen watching from the safety of their safari vehicles at Gir National Park in Gujarat, India, the two creatures were having a ‘big argument’ in the middle of the road.

Photo credit: Wild India – Twitter / Zubin Ashara

No one knew why the two are fighting but it was clear that the lioness is winning the argument, anyway. Originally captured by politician Zubin Ashara who’s a nature lover and wildlife photographer, the video shows a lot of roaring between the two and some swiping by the lioness – but the lion does not appear to return the swipes.

It was soon apparent that though the lion tries to take a stand, the lioness is winning the ‘royal argument’. Towards the end of the video, the lioness relaxes and lies down on the ground, content in the knowledge that she won this round.

A sheepish lion moves to her side, seemingly offering an apology. LOL. This got netizens joking that married humans and animals are still so much alike!

Photo credit: m srinivasulureddy / @aceduos – Twitter

Doesn’t matter if you are king of jungle. Queen rules…😜,” one netizen joked.

No matter if you are the king, [at the] End of the Day you are [just] a helpless husband,” another observed.

Others are making jokes and fake stories about the fight. Check it out here: