PWD Who Makes Use of Bamboo as Artificial Leg Goes Viral, Hopes to Find Help

 In the Philippines, access to medical care is not readily available for everyone – particularly if that’s about prosthetics and other devices that aren’t considered to be for emergency use.

For this reason, one guy in Lambunao, Iloilo found a way to have an artificial leg by creating one from bamboo! His story would go viral, stirring pity from netizens; but this could be a good sign for the PWD because many have also expressed their willingness to help him get prosthetic legs.

It all started when Sheena Ituriaga Gallego spotted the PWD riding a jeep in Iloilo City.

Photo credit: Sheena Ituriaga Gallego / Facebook

While Sheena took pity on the guy, she was a bit embarrassed to ask for his name; thus, she took a photo and shared it on Facebook in hopes that she could help him find help in some manner, through social media.

As she had expected, social media responded! The post would quickly go viral and the guy was identified as 24-year-old Darius Senillo of Lambunao, Iloilo. He was traveling to Iloilo City to meet up with his elder brother, Danny Senillo, when Sheena had taken his photo in the jeep.

Photo credit: Sheena Ituriaga Gallego / Facebook

As promises of help poured in for Darius, he expressed his thanks to Sheena for taking and uploading his photos.

According to Darius, he had actually been using the bamboo leg for over 3 years because he and his family did not have any money to get a real prosthetic. So, he just had to make one for himself. He added that he used to walk using crutches but because having a leg is better, he made the artificial bamboo leg.

His elder brother Danny revealed that their mother craved for sardines the whole she was pregnant with Darius, leading the family to believe that he shares similarities to the sardines in the can whose tails and heads were cut off before cooking.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News – NXT / Facebook

With Darius being single, Danny is the one who cares for him; however, they really didn’t have enough money to get him a good leg. But now that his story has gone viral, offers for help are on the way – and everyone is hoping the next posts about Darius will be about his new artificial leg!

Watch his story here:

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Sources: Sheena Ituriaga Gallego / Facebook, ABS-CBN News – NXT / Facebook