Psychic Allegedly ‘Predicts’ Passing of Social Media Personality Lloyd Cadena

The news of social media personality Lloyd Cadena’s passing shocked many fans in the Philippines but has even drawn messages of condolences from international stars such as singer Mariah Carey. Just 26 years old, the social media personality seemed so lively before his untimely passing.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely demise of our beloved brother Lloyd Cafe Cadena. May he be remembered for all the joy and laughter he shared with everyone. My family and I ask for your prayers, respect, and privacy during this time,” the family posted the announcement on his Facebook page.

Photo credit: Lloyd Cafe Cadena / Instagram

The family did not mention the reason for Lloyd’s passing, but speculations are rife that it was due to cardiac arrest. There were even some rumors of the social media personality having contracted COVID-19 but without the family’s official statement, such remain merely as speculations and fake news.

Yet some avid followers of psychic and social media personality ‘Madam Rudy Baldwin’ believe that it was Lloyd who was mentioned in a vision posted back in December on the supposed psychic’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: Madam Rudy Baldwin / Facebook

On December 7, 2019, Madam Rudy Baldwin shared a supposed vision about the passing of a vlogger due to cardiac arrest. This said vlogger supposedly has more than 273k likes and over 290k followers. Lloyd has 3 million followers – but that is technically ‘over 290k’, of course.

Photo credit: Lloyd Cafe Cadena / Instagram

But many don’t believe about such things, saying that it is still too vague considering that there are so many vloggers these days! Plus, cardiac arrest is among the most common reasons for someone’s passing.