Proof that Some Girls Don’t Ask for Castles Because Her Man’s Shoulders are Enough?

A photo of a poor couple at the back of a moving truck has sparked a heated online debate – and netizens just could not agree whether the photo was sweet or actually bad.

Some girls don’t ask for castles. The shoulder is enough,” wrote Facebook page The Socio Jukebox.

While many people agreed, saying that there still exist a lot of girls who are not materialistic and would actually accept the man they love for who he is, whether he is rich or poor, the photo and its caption sparked a debate on the page.

What first came to mind when you saw the picture?

A lot of people were touched at how this photo clearly shows poverty and that the family appears to be moving to another place. But many were touched at how the woman leans on her man’s shoulder, seemingly showing that she loves him so much and would willingly go to the ends of the Earth as long as he is there, supporting her at all times.

The photo made a lot of people happy as they were glad that this ‘proved’ that true love still exists, because this woman loves her man despite him not having a lot to give to her and their child.

Yet there were those who felt that this photo is nothing special and that it only glorifies poverty. Moreover, several netizens said that the man should not feel happy about this because it shows that he could not provide for his family. Ouch.

Others also said that they don’t want their daughters to “settle for less”, knowing they would not have a good life if they lived in poverty. However, many also disagreed, saying that being happily in love despite being poor is so much better than living in bitterness with someone you don’t love just because of money…

Do you agree?

Sources: The Socio Jukebox / Facebook, World of Buzz