Pregnant Woman Refuses Photoshoot, So Husband Did It Because He Already Paid For It

A pregnant woman refuses to go on a photoshoot so her husband did it for her because he already paid for it and can’t get a refund. The resulting photos were actually so cute and hilarious at the same time that the photographer’s post would quickly go viral!

That’s how the photos would seem, anyway, as they were captioned by a popular Facebook page.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

Shared by Martyn Wilkes Photography, photos of the guy went viral as he posed so cutely while trying to look exactly like a pregnant woman in a maternity photoshoot, as perfectly as he could. LOL.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

The most precious thing in this life is to give life, to pass on our beauty…to experience the most amazing gift given to us by mother nature,” the photographer captioned the post on the page.

Paco is expecting a beautiful baby girl called Noelia, with only 5 weeks left to go, his dream of becoming a Father is finally coming true.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

At first, people thought that Paco is a gay or perhaps a transgender dad, but it turned out that he is a straight guy. He has a wife and two kids.

Pregnant wife refused the photoshoot, so the husband did it, because he already paid for it 😅👏👇🏼,” wrote the Idealist, sharing the pictures on their page.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

What Really Happened

But Paco and Martyn had a good laugh over the hilarious captions, admitting that everything was actually the photographer’s idea. Martyn wanted to do a unique photoshoot and was inspired by Paco’s round belly.

I came up with the idea as I had always joked about my friend Paco being so fat he could be pregnant. His belly was perfect and his rugged and manly look fitted in just right with what I had in mind. I wanted elegance, flowers, nature and natural beauty versus the exact opposite – in a nice way,” Martyn explained.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

Paco wasn’t initially sold to the idea until Martyn offered to supply him with beer throughout the ‘maternity photoshoot’.

The story behind ‘Noelia’ is actually real, too. About 18 years before, Paco’s wife asked him to register their daughter’s name as ‘Noelia’ but he was so drunk that his handwriting looked so poor that the child’s name was misregistered as ‘Natalia’.

So, Paco tried to make up to that big mistake to his wife by giving her the ‘dream photoshoot’ as if they were having baby Noelia.

Photo credit: Martyn Wilkes Photography / Facebook

The reality is still hilarious but netizens loved the idea of this funny husband doing the photoshoot for his wife because she refused to do it but he’s already paid for it! LOL.

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