Policeman Surprises Mom at Her Food Stall after 9 Months Away on Duty

A lot of frontliners these days have to spend many weeks, even some months, away from their families. But there’s this policeman who had been away for over 9 months! When he was finally able to go home, he surprised his mother at the stall where she sells food – and the sweet reunion has gone viral…

Shared by Facebook page, Friends of PDRM, the video shows how the young policeman pretended to buy from his mom’s food stall in Malaysia.

Photo credit: Friends of PDRM / Facebook

His mother seemed amused that the young man’s companion was taking a video but she had no idea that the young man is her son because he’s wearing a face mask and she had not seen him for 9 months. She just didn’t think that he would be home that time.

It turned out that this young policeman had been in training for 6 months and had lost much weight. Right after training, he and his comrades were assigned to man the checkpoints for the Movement Control Order (MCO). The woman had no idea that her son would be returning home.

Photo credit: Friends of PDRM / Facebook

As she prepared food for her young customer, she glances at the person taking the video and smiles. She’s such a kindhearted woman and was just happy to serve these young customers.

But the woman would soon begin to cry when her customer took off his mask – and she saw that he is actually her son! Awwww. As her son moved to give her a big hug, it is clear that the two missed each other. They were both crying. It was a beautiful reunion, indeed!

Photo credit: Friends of PDRM / Facebook

After being apart for a long time, the two are finally able to give each other a hug. Isn’t that wonderful?

Watch the video here:


Sediakan tisu sebelum tekan Play. Admin pun menangis masa edit Video ni.. Siapa potong bawang wei? 😭😭6 bulan dalam Pusat Latihan, 3 bulan PKP, tak dapat jumpa Mak dan family.. Sekali dia buat suprise datang gerai nasi Lemak Mak dia..Siapa yang belum dapat jumpa Mak Ayah lagi boleh la Video call sekarang. Hargai dan kasihilah selagi mereka ada.. 😢😢

Posted by Friends Of PDRM on Sunday, June 14, 2020