Police Officer Rudely Talks to a Civilian Because He Can’t Watch TV

The job of a police officer is to uphold the law and help those that are in need. In this one case, it looks like the police might have been preoccupied to remember what they are sworn to do.

Facebook user Mykey dela Vega shared his experience when he tried to talk to police officers inside their police station. It all started when they were trying to get information for his friend who unfortunately was part of a vehicular accident near C5 Libis. His friend was attended to by paramedics and was brought to the nearest hospital.

Mykey and another friend went to the police station at Eastwood Police Station 12 that night to ask for a police report regarding his friend’s accident and to inquire about other things like the motorcycle that his friend used. He then said that there were three police officers in uniform inside and they were watching a show on TV. As they were talking to one officer they went in between the three and the TV, and the police officer who was seated in front of the desk started waving his hand to have them move out of the way. They also said the TV was very loud and they can’t hear each other. They kept trying to talk over the sound of the TV and then the same officer started to answer them with a loud voice.

Mykey asked them to lower the TV’s volume since they really can’t talk over it and that was when things got heated up. There was an argument and the same officer from earlier defended the placement of the TV by saying that it “won’t be there if using the TV during work is not allowed,” and it wasn’t captured on video but Mykey was also told to “remember who he was dealing with.”

Mykey then said the officer that he was talking to, who was behind the desk, then finally started to assist him with the report that he needed.

Mykey apologized in his post because he knows he raised his voice and might have said a few inappropriate things in the video that he uploaded but he couldn’t hide what he was feeling when the people who was supposed to help him prioritized a TV show before them.

You can see Mykey’s post here:

Pa isa lang po.. Isa lang pero malala!! This happened on March 31, 2019 at 7:30pm. Location: Eastwood QC station 12,…

Posted by Mykey dela Vega on Sunday, March 31, 2019