Police Left Scratching Heads after Phone Seller Gets Scammed using Hand-Drawn Money

For years, counterfeiters have become so good at their craft that it’s not so easy to spot fake money from the real thing, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t really check too closely or if you don’t know how to check for counterfeit cash.

But a phone seller in Indonesia left the police scratching their heads after he got scammed using hand-drawn money that’s so obviously fake and even looked like these were made by a toddler! Tsk. Tsk. What was he thinking, eh?

Photo credit: Suar Grid

The incident happened in Samarinda, a city in Kalimantan, Indonesia. According to the police report that the seller had lodged, he and the buyer only met online after he posted his cellphone for sale. The seller sold the phone for Rp 900,000 ($63.30 or Php3,000) – and the buyer agreed to that price.

To ensure security, the two agreed to meet up and the buyer will pay through cash on delivery (COD). It was supposed to be a fail-proof arrangement, yet the seller did not realize that the cunning buyer had other plans in mind.

Photo credit: Suar Grid

Meeting at close to midnight last December 16, the seller confidently handed the box to the buyer who did not step down his motorcycle and had actually left the engine running. As soon as the seller handed him the box, the buyer gave him the money and sped off.

Real Rp 100,000 note; Photo credit: Suar Grid

The seller did not think much about it until he checked the money on his hand, only to discover that everything was made of paper and had drawings that don’t even resemble the real thing. He got duped by the buyer but the guy was too far away for him to chase. Tsk. Tsk.

Photo credit: Suar Grid

The cops were left scratching their heads with wonder over how he could have been duped so easily with this obviously fake money. The seller was also stumped over the incident and wished he could turn back the hands of time…